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school _____ at weekends.A.isn't opened B.doesn't open 选哪个? The price_,but I doubt whether it will remain so.A.went kown B.Has gone down i dont know.this window just _ open.a.can't b.won't c.isn't d.doesn't选哪个想说为什么没有被动? what is comparative form of officially She speaks French ___ well ___ the rest of 和 到底选谁啊?so...as教科书上理论说是一般用于否定句吗?但是碰见好几次答案都是,我都不知道该信谁了. What is the abbrivation form of adverb? ____most students,she was always well prepared and never came to class late A) like B)as为什么选Alike,是因为like+短语而as加句子吗?可是like不是也能加句子吗 You ___in such a hurry,for there are still ten minutes left. 翻译:She was very polite and ,like the rest of her people ,never laughed if an outsider said something coarse . The shop ----------close until 9:00 p.m.?A is B isn't C / D doesn't When he looks at the table.He doesn't get up until 10:00 am this Saturday.谁能翻译这两句话的意思? Until the day the occan ,doesn t touch the sand……这歌词出自那首歌啊?Until the day the occan ,doesn t touch the sand,now and forever,i will be your man这歌词出自那首歌啊? HE will be there for two days他将要到这呆两天还是他将要用两天时间到达这里前一句是 he has gone to beijing I will stay there at m_____ ten days I will stay there at m_____ ten days 谁有颐和园简介,要详细点的,我要写作文的,我今天要 写作文方山(仿人教四年级上颐和园) 缴纳森 英文名怎么写 _______ the news good?(A,Are;B,Is;C,Do;D,Does) 怎样去做,英文怎么说 The picture __very good.A,am B,is C,are D,does Turn off the TV. (改为否定句) 八年级上册英题:单词拼写:You can find the right date of Spring Festival on the c_____. Turn off the computer .(改为否定句 You can find the correct date of Christmas on c (补充最后一个单词 有关博弈论的问题,快帮我解决下,谢谢.信息决定了博弈策略的选择,错误的信息造成错误的选择,举出社会生活中那些用封闭的、片面的、歪曲的信息来误导社会的恶劣事例.说明为什么面对重 Happiness is the smiling face on oneself face !英文翻译You know the meaning of happiness Mody 、英文翻译谢谢~=~ Would you mind my coming with you 为什么要用my 书上说 my是coming的逻辑主语 我不懂…… happiness is one thing that real must be courage这句话有错误吗?中文可以翻译成什么? 有这种说法吗the same percent of boys and girls本来是百分之65的男生女生都要做家务, Will the library open tomorrow afternoon?麻烦大神们仔细看下有错吗? Don't hurry.There are still ten minutes go leave C.leaving remain when ____,the library will be open to the public on 2013.A completed B to be completed 为什么是A,不能是B.